• Post Pandemic Trends in Adolescent Mental Health
    As the worst of the pandemic has ended and our adolescents have resumed in person school,activities, and general busy-ness akin to pre-pandemic lives, what have we seen aspsychologists in terms Read more
  • Air Pollution
    Chicagoans woke up today to hazy skies and irregularly low air quality. Today in Chicago, the Air Quality Index (AQI), which measures levels of air pollutants, is fluctuating between 160 Read more
  • Food Safety
    The arrival of summer brings with it the irresistible aroma of sizzling barbecues, as friends and families gather to enjoy delicious grilled treats. However, amidst the excitement, it's crucial to Read more
  • Lyme Disease
    Its that time of year again...the weather is finally warm, your kids are playing in the grass, and you find a tick.  Should you panic??  Not quite.  Lyme disease is Read more
  • Cough and cold medicine
    As we are deep into viral season, you have all seen the aisles full of cough and cold remedies for kids.  Do any of them work?  Are they safe? What Read more
  • Breastfeeding and travel
    Breastfeeding/Pumping and Travel Holidays are here! Lots of travel and family time and being away from the comfort of your own home.  Here is some advice and information for parents regarding Read more
  • RSV
    RSV: Not Your Average Cold.  Here’s What to Know!   What is RSV?Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a common virus that most people will be exposed to within the first couple years of Read more
  • Fever
    Fevers are a common sign of illness and the vast majority of them will resolve on their own and do not require medical treatment.  What is the best way to check Read more
  • How Do I Talk to My Kids About Racism?
    Let's not kid ourselves, these are immensely tough times that we are dealing with.  During a pandemic, at a time when we are weary from the toll it has taken Read more
  • Seasonal Allergies
    ‘Tis the Season for Allergies! Welcome to Chicago’s spring, or lack-there-of. With the wild swings in weather, we are seeing a lot of symptoms of seasonal allergies. Is it a cold? Read more
  • 20 Fun Screen Free Activities
    What are we supposed to do with our children when school is closed and we need to stay home?!! As a pediatrician and mom of three school aged children, I Read more
  • Let’s Talk About Our Kids and COVID-19
    Let’s Talk About Our Kids and COVID-19 March 15, 2020 As we begin to better understand the impact of the novel coronavirus in our community, parents can at least breathe a huge Read more
  • What's going around?
    The flu!  Not surprisingly, we are seeing a TON of flu right now.  As a reminder, influenza is a respiratory illness with primary symptoms of fever and cough.  We've been seeing Read more
  • Measles FAQ
    Measles FAQ   1.  Has my child been vaccinated? The first dose of MMR is given at 12 months and the second dose is given at the 4 or 5 year visit.  Unless Read more
  • Lyme Disease
      Its that time of year again...the weather is finally warm, your kids are playing in the grass, and you find a tick.  Should you panic??  Not quite.  Lyme disease is Read more
  • Baby poop
    Dr. Luu's awesome blog post is too long to put in text--click here to read all about baby poop! Warning, graphic photos! Read more
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