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20 Fun Screen Free Activities

What are we supposed to do with our children when school is closed and we need to stay home?!! As a pediatrician and mom of three school aged children, I too am feeling the hard reality, stress and impact the Coronavirus pandemic has put on our families. We are all trying to do our best to keep our kids safe, happy and busy!! Let’s all try to make the most of these difficult times and spend quality time with our families!! Here are 20 Fun Screen Free ideas you can do with your children at home:

1. Board Games: bring out the classic board games and the new games you kept in the closet for a rainy day.

2. Puzzles: consider one that you can’t finish in one day. The whole family can help!

3. Baking or cooking: get the kids involved and have them be your sous chef.

4. Dance party: put some tunes on, be silly and move around!

5. Make gifts or cards for family/friends: it is always nice to express our love to others.

6. Look through old photos or make a scrapbook: children love to see pictures of themselves from when they were young. Sharing memories will warm their hearts.

7. Have a treasure hunt in the house: hide small items and have them find them in a hunt.

8. Organize their rooms or toys: you are always trying to find time for this! Great time to give away old toys, clothes, etc

9. Draw out your family tree: you all may learn more about your family.

10. Create a pen pal system: connect with a few parents to start a pen pal system for the kids to write and exchange letters. They will get excited to receive a personalized letter in the mail!

11. Plant: never too early to plant some herbs or flowers.

12. Make a play: kids can re-enact a book, story or play.

13. Read: always an important daily activity for them to do. You can read to them as well!

14. Picnic or camp at home: have a fun meal on a blanket or set up a small tent or fort with the family.

15. Crafts: endless ideas of beading, jewelry making, soap kits, etc

16. Exercise or kid workouts: play fun sport games at home while being safe. Take a walk around the block and even create a counting game with what you see.

17. Fun posters: make an inspirational or “All About Me” poster with magazine pictures, photos, or stickers.

18. Make puppets: kids can make sock puppets and have a play.

19. Phone calls: call those whom you love to stay and feel connected

20. LISTEN and TALK to your kids: always great to have quality time with them. You will wish you had more time later when you are busy again.

Have fun! Stay calm and healthy

Dr. Laura Mikhail

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