Coronavirus office policies 

  • As of April 2023, masks are required for all people with fever, upper respiratory symptoms, or a recent covid exposure.  Masks are otherwise optional.  Staff members are happy to mask upon request. 
  • If your child has covid or has been asked to quarantine because of direct exposure, we ask that you reschedule any routine, non-urgent appointments. 

Testing resources

  • The state of Illinois maintains a list of testing sites 
  • Lurie Children's no longer requires a doctors order and you may schedule your child's test HERE ; Northwestern requires a doctors order, but once placed you can go to the drive through without an appointment.  If your child was born at Prentice or has ever been seen at Northwestern, we can place an order for you, please call us. 
  • We now have both the rapid antigen test and rapid PCR test in our office.  The PCR turnaround time is 2-24 hours (we can only run 4 samples at a time); tests collected at the end of the day will be reported the following business day.  We are especially limited with how many tests can be run on a Saturday.  Rapid and PCR tests can only be done during an office visit; at this time, you cannot schedule a "testing only" appointment.  Typical copay charges will apply. 
  • To minimize risk of exposure to others, if your child has minimal or no symptoms but there is a high chance of covid (especially with positive family members), please try to seek testing at home or at a drive through location such at Lurie or Northwestern rather than coming into the office. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

  • The Pfizer covid vaccine is now approved for all people 5 years and older and both Pfizer and Moderna are approved for 6 months to 5 years.  We have vaccines in the office!  Additional resources are as follows:      
  • General vaccine information from the CDC: click here
  • The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) supports vaccination of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.  There is no need to stop breastfeeding while/after receiving the vaccine.
    • For the full statement click here
    • ACOG will continue to update this page with more information, as available.

School/daycare resources

The decision to send your child back to daycare or school is a difficult and personal one.  Each family must evaluate their child's social/emotional/educational needs, the families health status, and overall tolerance for risk.  These resources can help you make the best choice for your family.  

More information 

    • Northwestern - (312) 47-COVID
    • Rush - (888) 352-RUSH 
    • Northshore -  (847) 432-5849
    • Lurie - (312) 227-5300
    • IDPH hotline - (800)889-3931

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