We are excited to start offering virtual visits!

Visits appropriate for telemedicine may include:

  • allergies
  • behavior concerns
  • constipation
  • cough/runny nose
  • diaper rashes
  • diarrhea
  • fever of short duration
  • pink eye
  • sleep issues
  • travel visits
  • vomiting 

We cannot prescribe antibiotics for ear infections, pneumonia, strep throat, and similar infections through a telemedicine visit.  Medication CAN be prescribed for pink eye and rashes through a telemedicine visit.  

Please know, you may be asked to bring your child into the office if deemed medically necessary.  In this case you will only be charged for an office visit; there will not be an additional charge for the virtual visit. 

How to schedule 
Please call the office to schedule your virtual visit.  You will be put on a doctor or nurse practitioner's schedule at a specific time, as you would for an in-office visit.  You may responsible for a copay for this visit.  

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Contact Us

Email is only checked once a day. For sick appointments or urgent issues please call the office at (312)943-6964.

Our Location

1030 N Clark Street, Suite 400 Chicago, IL 60610

Hours of Operation

Telemedicine sick hours are Monday - Saturday from 8:30 - 11:30am. We are not accepting walk ins at this time.

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